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Dear Players, New season was started.

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Before you begin, please note:

1. To navigate through this site you can use a combination of the 'navigation menu' on the left side of your screen and the 'back' and 'forward' buttons on your browser.

2. This site is free and anyone can play !

Photographs used on this site are copyrighted material and owned by their respective creators and / or owners.

Registering and becoming a New Member
What Happens If I Register a Team After the First GP?
Creating a New Team
Editing a Team
Sponsors (Supreme game)
Team Testing (Supreme game)
Your Log book
Team Ranking - The Championship Tables
Using the Chat system
Using the Forum
Logging In
Viewing Other Teams in the Championship Tables
Bonus Area
Race Weekend
Price Changes
How The Leagues Work
How the Scoring Works
How the Bet Works
How the Autobid Works
Registering and becoming a New Member:

To begin playing, you will first need to register. To do this, click on the link called 'New Member' on your menu. Please complete the form.
At the bottom of the form is the option 'Select Game Type'. There are 2 possible games: -Classic F1 - this game is similar to other F1 games you will find on the internet. -Supreme F1 - the SupremeF1 game offers a more involved game. In the SupremeF1 game, you will encounter 'random problems' that cost you money to solve, as well as the possibility of problems with your sponsors, also test sessions allows you to improve. This game makes keeping a tight budget a little difficult. But rest assured, there are means of increasing your money too! (Once you have made your game selection, you will not be able to undo it)
If you want to play in both the Classic F1 and the Supreme F1 games, you will need to register 2 different teams. Once you have completed the registration form and selected your game type, press the 'Commit' button. After this you will need to 'login to the site' using your Login name and password. Your are now ready to create your team!

What Happens If I Register a Team After the First GP?:

Do not worry if you did not register a team for the First Grand Prix or for any other GP's that you have already missed. To make our site more interesting we have added a feature called 'Ranking by Team Start'. This means that NEW teams that are registered for a GP will form an automatic 'sub-league'.
For example, if you registered a team for the 'Austrian GP' all teams that were newly registered will form a New League that runs from the Austrain GP to the end of the season. The same if you register a new team starting with the Silverstone GP etc etc.. To view your sub league, go to the Team Ranking Page, select the GP which you registered your team for (in the Grand Prix: menu) and then select 'Ranking by Team Start' from the 'Ranking Type' menu. Score will be updated after each GP and shown there.

Creating a Team:

To create a team, select the 'Edit Team' link on your menu. (The Edit team link is used for both creating and editing your team)
At the top right of your page, the system shows you your current status: Game Mode / Money available/ Current Score/ Current position. ( This information will change as you go through the game - to help keep you advised)
If you are creating your team for the first time, you may want to select the link at the bottom of your screen called 'Before you decide to buy or sell, please click here'
The link will take you to another page where you can work your way through the current (real) F1 teams and view their current set up and handling. When you are ready to begin, click the Edit Team link on your menu.
If you want to get 'straight to it', then work you way around the screen. You must select your First Driver / Second Driver / Engine / Chassis / Tyres / and if you are playing the SupremeF1 game - you have an ability select a Sponsors and choose testsing programm. To make your selection, click the link 'select' under the relevant driver or item. A new screen will open with a 'pull down' menu. Click on the driver or item that you are interested in buying and view the profile or technical specification. To make your transaction, select contract duration (Supreme game) and click the 'Buy' button.
The amount of available money will change according to who or what you have purchased.

Editing a Team:

To edit your team, you must first be logged in. When you have logged in to the site, select the 'Edit Team' link on the menu.
At the top right of the screen you will see your current status.
If you have already created a team and wish to make some changes, you will see that the links under a driver or item say 'SELL'. If you press this link, you will be asked to confirm this transaction. Once the transaction has been confirmed, the link under the driver or item that you sold will now say 'Select'. Click on the 'select' link to purchase a new driver or item.
This seasons F1 game allows you to play with your team set up in a much more flexible way. Now you can play with selections until you are happy with your choices. Once you have pressed the 'Commit Changes' button, your selections will be put live.
When buying and selling, the system allows you to look around and make choices. The system reminds your previous selection by highlighting the selection in green.
To cancel all your changes and revert back to your original team, press the 'Discard Changes button. Note: once you have pressed the 'Commit Changes' button you cannot undo your changes.
Please Note: You must complete building your team before you will be allowed to enter the Championship race. Teams that are only half completed, will not be entered

Sponsors (Supreme game):

The list of sponsors that are available for you to negotiate with will become more extensive as the season progresses. You may negotiate a contract for a maximum of 6 races, after that you will need to negotiate again. There are 10 places to put sponsors averts on your car, this means that you may have more than 1 sponsor at any 1 time. Use the PLACE menu to select the following: A: Title Advert Place B: Major Advert Place C: Minor Advert Place. Negotiations with sponsors can be difficult. You will receive an answer in 5 minuts. If a sponsor rejects you, you may apply again after 5 minuts. For deals with sponsors for more than 1 race, you will recieve your sponsorship money before each race.
Sponsors will take several things into account before agreeing a contract with you:

  • Number of races that the contract is for
  • Team Composition: Sponsors may require you to have a certain driver or engine or chassis. Although they may not specify that you need all 3 together. Once the contract is signed the sponsor will send you a message about which driver, engine or chassis you must NOT change until the contract is complete. If you break the contract then sponsorship money will be reduced by 50%.
    NOTE: If you break a sponsorship agreement by selling something that you should not, then you will be unlikely to ever get another sponsorship agreement from that sponsor again.
  • Advert position on your car: Some sponsors may require you to sign a contract for positions A1 or B1 on your car, whilst other sponsors may require C1-C5 etc
  • Sponsors have special performance clauses in their contract. If you perform badly, then Sponsors reserve the right to reduce sponsorship budgets. If you do well, then Sponsors will be happy to provide you with more money. How often and how much you are affected by performance clauses depends on the sponsor.
Team Testing (Supreme game):

The Team Testing feature allows you 1 set of tests between each race. Team testing allows you to improve for the next race. Improvement is shown as a % and will be added to your actual Grandprix scores for the next GP. The % improvement shown is then added to the number of points you get during the race i.e. if you get 100 points, with the 18% improvement you will now get 118 points. Testing can be expensive but it may help you increase your team ranking. Use the pull down menu options on the page to select who and what you are going to test. The system will show you the % that you will improve by according to the options that you select.

Your Log Book:

The Log Book, allows you to monitor your transaction history. The system shows when and why you received money and when and why money was spent.

Team Ranking - The Championship Tables:

Click on the 'Team Ranking' link on your menu. When the page opens look at the top left corner to see which Championship Table you are viewing e.g. SupremeF1 Championship Table.
If you want to switch and view (for example) the ClassicF1 Championship Table, click the link at the top right marked: Switch to 'Classic F1'
At the top right of the screen are 2 pull down menus marked:

  • Grand Prix:
  • Ranking type:
The Grand Prix menu, allows you to select the Grand Prix that you want to view.
The Ranking Type menu, has 3 options:
  • Overall Ranking
  • Ranking by Grand Prix
  • Ranking by Team Start
Using the menus are simple:
Select s Grand Prix from the Grand Prix menu. Then decide if you want to look at the results of the individual grand prix (select Ranking by Grand Prix), or if you want to see how the overall Championship Table was changed by this race, select 'Overall Ranking'.
At the bottom of the Championship Tables are several navigation aids to help you quickly find the team you are looking for.
Using Chat:

To use the chat facility, select the Chat link on the menu. A new page with a grey button called 'Chat' will load. Press that button. You will then be asked to 'Enter Your Nickname'. To do this, just enter a name (your name or something different) and press ok. A new page will open and you will be asked to select a channel. Do so from the Channel list and press the 'Join channel' button. Once you are in the Chat room, the name's of other people in the room will be shown on the right side.

Using the Forum:

The Forum allows you to read and post messages. Click on the link 'Forum' in the menu. The page will show you a number of Available Topics. Click on the Topic that is most relevant and post and reply to messages.

Logging In:

Every time you come back to the site, you will need to log in to be able to Edit your team, View Log Book and etc.

Viewing Other Teams in the Championship Tables:

You will only be able to view another players team if:

  • The player has instructed the system to show the team
  • If you have logged in to the site.
  • You want to see team composition for more than one grandprix ago.
Bonus Area:

This is your chance to earn an extra 2.0M !
All you have to do it answer the question carefully. You will not be told if your answer is correct immediately and you will only get 1 attempt at it. Assuming your answer is correct, your bonus money will be transferred into your team account. Check you Log Book for the transaction. You may need to wait several days to find out if you have been succesfull. Good Luck !

Race Weekend:

Race Weekend starts on Friday 6pm GMT and game will be opened again at tuesday after race at 9am GMT. During this time you will not be able to Edit or Create a team. Scores will be updated on Monday. Also Monday after the race is the day for team protest such as: " why did I get X points instead of Y points?", after it no protest will be consider, all mistakes will rest as is. Check out status image at the left side.

Price Changes:

Driver, Chassis, Engine and Tyre prices will all change according to their performance during each GP weekend. If the performance is good in both Qualification and the GP, then the purchase and re-sale price is likely to increase. If performance is bad, then the purchase and re-sale price is likely to go down. For the 'tactical' manager, this can be an excellant time to pick up a 'bargain' !


To add your photo, please complete these easy steps:

  • Use the Browse button to search and select the photo you want to show.
  • Press the preview button to make sure it is the correct image
  • Enter the Title of your photo
  • Select the category that you want the photo to appear in
  • Press the POST button
How The Leagues Work:

The Leagues system was created to allow players to play in 'Private' leagues against friends, workmates etc. In order for a friend or workmate to join your league, you must send them the 'username' and 'password' that you entered to create the league. Without the league user name and password other people will not be able to join you ! In order to be able to create and / or login to the 'Leagues' area you must first login normally to the site. If you have not yet registered you must do so first. There are 2 possible League games in F1 Grand Prix Manager.
Classic F1 - this game is similar to other F1 games you will find on the internet. You can join someone else's league only if you know the username and password for that league. To get the username and password you must ask the League Creator (player who created league) directly. Note: These leagues are private and this is why you cannot join them directly.


  1. Each player is allowed to create only one Classic League.
  2. Each player is allowed to join any number of Classic Leagues. It can be done by clicking 'Leagues' and then 'Login' in the main menu.
  3. Each player may play in all Classic Leagues with the same team created at the registration stage (It means that changes made to the team will affect your results in all Classic Leagues)
  4. Classic Leagues that you have joined will be listed on your 'Edit Team" page.

Supreme F1 League - the Supreme League offers a more involved game.


  1. One player is allowed to create only one Supreme League.
  2. One player is allowed to join any number of Supreme Leagues. It can be done by clicking 'Leagues' and then 'Login' in the main menu.
  3. 10 players maximum are allowed to join any Supreme League. Note: the more players who join ( up to 10), more fun with game play.
  4. You will have to create a new team for each Supreme League you join.
  5. The only way to buy drivers, engine, chassis and tyres or assign sponsors is to participate in an auction with all other league members. Auction duration for each item is 1 day from the first bet.
  6. You will use advert space on your car to bid for sponsors instead of money
  7. Money or advert space for your bid will be returned to you if other members of your League outbid you
  8. All actions that you make will be listed on your "Log Book" page.

If you want to join to a league but dont have any invitations, try our list of available leagues. it can be found here.
How the Scoring Works:

View the tables below to gain an understanding of how scores are allocated for Drivers, Engines, Chassis and Tyres.

Driver Scores Engine Scores
Qualification Race Qualification Race
Position Points Position Points Position Points Position Points
1 60 1 127 1 30 1 60
2 54 2 113 2 25 2 54
3 49 3 101 3 21 3 49
4 44 4 90 4 20 4 45
5 39 5 80 5 18 5 41
6 35 6 71 6 17 6 37
7 31 7 63 7 14 7 33
8 28 8 55 8 14 8 30
9 25 9 48 9 11 9 27
10 22 10 42 10 11 10 24
11 19 11 37 11 9 11 21
12 16 12 32 12 9 12 18
13 13 13 28 13 7 13 15
14 11 14 24 14 7 14 14
15 9 15 21 15 5 15 12
16 8 16 18 16 5 16 11
17 7 17 15 17 4 17 9
18 6 18 13 18 4 18 8
19 5 19 11 19 3 19 6
20 4 20 9 20 3 20 5
21 3 21 7 21 1 21 3
22 1 22 5 22 1 22 1

Chassis Scores
Qualification Race
Position Points Position Points
1 30 1 60
2 25 2 54
3 21 3 49
4 20 4 45
5 18 5 41
6 17 6 37
7 14 7 33
8 14 8 30
9 11 9 27
10 11 10 24
11 9 11 21
12 9 12 18
13 7 13 15
14 7 14 14
15 5 15 12
16 5 16 11
17 4 17 9
18 4 18 8
19 3 19 6
20 3 20 5
21 1 21 3
22 1 22 1

Tyres Scores
Qualification Race
Position Points Position Points
1 10 1 20

The table below shows the scoring for Driver Number v Qualification (right table entitled 'Qualification') and Qualification v Final Position (left table entitled 'Race'). The scoring works like this: Coming in to each qualification session, each driver has a ranking number. If the driver is ranked at 5 and qualifies in position 2, the driver will score points. If a driver enters qualification ranked 2 but qualifies in 5th position, the driver will loose points. The same applies for the actual race. This scores calculated ONLY if driver was classified.
Race Qualification
Difference Score Difference Score
1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2
3 3 3 4
4 4 4 6
5 5 5 8
6 6 6 10
7 7 7 12
8 8 8 14
9 9 9 16
10 10 10 18
11 11 11 22
12 12 12 25
13 13 13 28
14 15 14 31
15 17 15 34
16 19 16 38
17 21 17 42
18 23 18 46
19 25 19 50
20 27 20 55
21 30 21 61

The scoring system applied above for Drivers, is also applied to Chassis and Engines. Chassis and Engines are ranked according to their best 'ROW' position coming into qualification. In turn, scores are calculated based on results between qualification and the actual race. This scores calculated ONLY if Shassis/Engine was classified.
Race Qualification
Difference Score Difference Score
1 1 1 2
2 2 2 5
3 3 3 8
4 5 4 11
5 7 5 15
6 10 6 20
7 13 7 26
8 16 8 33
9 20 9 41
10 25 10 50

Other Bonuses and Penalties
Penalty/Bonus Points
Stop & Go or driving through pitlane
First Driver (in Real Team) Worse than First Driver
Second Driver (in Real Team) Better than First Driver
Fastest Lap
Pole Position + Win
Fastest Lap + Win
Fastest Lap + Pole Position + Win
Fastest Lap + Pole Position
Cant Start
100% leading race
Penalty for disqualification in qualification
Penalty for disqualification in race
Penalty for not finished in race

How the Bet Works:

Every user can make a bet for next grand prix. There is another way to earn extra money. You should choose who take first row in qualification, making fastest lap in race and try to guess first 6 finished drivers. Table located below describes how much money You may get for Your bets.

Bet $$
One place in qualification 0.4M
Two drivers on first row qualification 0.8M
First and Second place in qualification 0.8M
Fastest Lap in race 0.5M
One place in race 0.4M
Three Drivers on Podium 0.8M
Three first places in race 1.2M

We have Bet:
1st qualification place: Juan Pablo Montoya
2nd qualification place: Ralf Schumacher
Fastest lap: David Coulthard
1st race place: David Coulthard
2nd race place: Ralf Schumacher
3rd race place: Juan Pablo Montoya
4th race place: Nick Heidfeld
5th race place: Rubence Barrichello
6th race place: Kimi Raikkonen

Race Weekend Results:
1st qulification place: Juan Pablo Montoya
2nd qulification place: Ralf Schumacher
Fastest lap: Ralf Schumacher
1st race place: Juan Pablo Montoya
2nd race place: Ralf Schumacher
3rd race place: David Coulthard
4th race place: Kimi Raikkonen
5th race place: Rubence Barrichello
6th race place: Olivier Panis

So we get For our bets:
0.4M (for qual 1st place) + 0.4M (for qual 2nd place) + 0.8M (for first row in qualification) + 0.4M (for race 2nd place) + 0.4M (for race 5th place) + 0.8M (for Three Drivers on Podium) = 3.2M

How the Autobid Works:

This is feature for supreme league game, and we expect that it will help to prevent "last second bet". With that option You can setup bet that system will applied after deadline comes. Next example describe how it works.
Let You have a bet for engine Ferrari (it doesnt matter if Your bet is highest). You can say to autobider: "i give 50M and You should bid this money after deadline come". Autobider will take this money from Your balance. When deadline come and no more bet allowed, autobidder will bid this money for You.
Of course not only You can use autobider. Let see example.
Engine Ferrari Bets History
14M - AAA (setup autobid for 30M)
10M - BBB (setup autobid for 40M)
8M - CCC (setup autobid for 50M)
7M - DDD (setup autobid for 10M)

When auction for ferrari engine comes to deadline CCC will get this engine with 41M bet (previous highest bid + 1). Player AAA will get 14M back for unsuccessful bet. Autobider bring back money to players AAA (30M), BBB (40M), DDD (10M).


  • Only that person who have a bet can setup autobider.
  • Autobider allow only integer bet like 1M, 2M 3M etc.
  • If You setup autobider for engine Ferrari (as example) it mean that You CANT place bet on other engine, while auction for ferrari engine will end.
  • You can disable autobider at any time while auction is going by set it to 0.
  • If Two or more persons have the same autobid value, one will win who place his bet (NOT AUTOBID) first.