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Race weekend is coming and site will be closed for changes after:

Dear Players, New season was started.

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Before you start wheeling and dealing in the high octane world of 'virtual' F1, you must first complete the registration form below. After that, please select the game type that you would like to play.
Warning: All teams which have not been completed will be 'deleted' after each Grand Prix! If this happens to you, then please re-register and create a new team. Warning: Login, password and team name can contain only spaces, latin alphabet and numbers.
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Classic F1: In the classic game, you simply set up your team, sit back and see how you do. You can of course make changes to your team by buying and selling drivers and engines etc, when finances allow.
Supreme F1: The 'Supreme F1' game takes you into a different F1 world. In this game you are involved with sponsors, problems and other set backs. In Supreme F1, sponsors demand results ! and you never know what problems are just around the corner. In this game you can win or loose money in the 'blink of an eye'
If you select 'yes', other players will be able to view your email address.
If you select 'yes', other players will be able to view your team set up. Beware of spies !!
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If you select 'yes', before each Grand Prix you will get warning message to your email if your team is still incomplete.